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    I. 选择题。

    1. Usually a younger person C to an old one.

    A. introduce B. introduction C. is introduced D. is introducing

    2. When you go to B store, please buy bottle of milk.

    A. a… a B. the… a C. an… the D. the….the

    3. Would you like C more tea?

    A. any B. anything C. some D. something

    4. Which book A you better,this one or that one?

    A. do… like B. does…like C. do… likes D. are… like

    5. If it ____B_____tomorrow, the meeting will be canceled.

    A. will rain B. rains C. is raining D. has rained

    6. One of those ___A______ is my little brother.

    A. boys B. girls C. boy D. girl

    7. I ____D_____ see my mother in two weeks.

    A. saw B. see C. had seen D. will see

    8. When Peter _____B________, I’ll talk to him

    A. come B. comes C. came D. is coming

    9. The people in the small town ____B_________the new doctor.

    A. likes B. like C. doesn’t like D. liking

    10. September 10th is the ____C______ Day

    A. teacher B. teacher’s C. teachers’ D. teachers

    11. She has many _____A____, two _______, five_________, and many____________.

    A. toys…buses….watches….sheep B. toys….buses…. watchs…..sheeps

    C. toies…buses….watches….sheep D. toies….buses…. watches…..sheep

    12. Does your father work in a hospital?__________D________.

    A. Yes, she does B. Yes, she doesn’t C. No, he does. D. No, he doesn’t

    13.____A_____ is not polite to let go off your hand too soon.

    A. It B. This C. The D. That

    14. My mother _____A_____ at 6:30 every morning.

    A. gets up B. takes place C. does well D. asks for

    15. Could you help ____B______with the heavy box?

    A. I B. me C. my D. mine






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